Sports Physiotherapy @ The Hills Physio - Kellyville Ridge, NSW

Workout Room @ The Hills Physio - Kellyville Ridge, NSW (near Sydney)

Workout Room @ The Hills Physio - Kellyville Ridge, NSW (near Sydney)

Here at The Hills Physio in Kellyville Ridge, which is just outside Sydney, We have highly trained sports physiotherapists to assist you in the assessment, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of any sports injury. Whether you are an Olympic swimmer or a weekend runner, we will comprehensively assess and treat your injury and get you back on track to your chosen activity through our rigorous sports physiotherapy programme.

Rehabilitation Phases

In your time at The Hills Physio we will run you through a few standard phases of rehabilitation. Each phase is personalised to your injury, your current lifestyle factors and your end goal.

Phase one: Early post injury Phase. Here we will use a wide variety of hands on treatment modalities and advice/education to help manage your symptoms and ensure fast and effective recovery.

Phase two: Functional phase. Once your acute symptoms have settled down and the initial phases of tissue healing are complete, we will incorporate a wide variety of exercises to optimise strength, length and function of not just the injured area, but your entire movement system.

Phase three: Sport/activity integration. This involves a gradual resumption of pre injury activity and return to sport. We strive to restore complete pre injury function in a safe and thorough manner.

Throughout the phases of rehabilitation we will liaise closely with any other health practitioners involved in your care. This may be an orthopaedic surgeon, general practitioner or other allied health professionals.

We do not just treat injuries: we also play a vital role in preventing them, which in our opinion is the most important part of our job. We can take you through a comprehensive physical assessment and advise and educate you on way to prevent injury in the context of your chosen sport or physical activity.
If you have questions about how physiotherapy can help you please phone 9629 4608 to speak with one of our physios.