Paediatrics - The Hills Physio, Kellyville Ridge, NSW

A playroom for the kiddos @ The Hills Physio! =)

A playroom for the kiddos @ The Hills Physio! =)

We have physiotherapists speciality trained in the area of paediatric physiotherapy who are highly skilled in utilising the latest assessment tools and evidence-based interventions. Physiotherapy in paediatrics involves optimising movement for babies, children and adolescents.

This specialised area of physiotherapy aims to improve a child’s movement abilities through strength training, cardiovascular exercise, movement training, Kinesio taping, adaptive equipment, advice and education. Oh, and let's not forget, a whole lot of PLAY!

We offer intervention for a wide variety of developmental, neurological and musculoskeletal conditions that affect babies and children. Some common presentations include:

  • New born babies with torticollis or plagiocephaly (Ie. Tight neck, flat spots on the back of the head or difficulty turning their heads to one side)
  • Premature babies or very low birth weight babies
  • Babies and toddlers having trouble with reaching developmental milestones such as sitting, crawling or walking
  • Toe walkers
  • Toddlers or children with pigeon toes, flat feet, knock knees or bow legs
  • Children with balance, coordination or gross motor difficulties
  • Children or adolescents with poor posture and/or back pain
  • Children with hyper-mobility or low muscle tone
  • Sports injuries
  • Shin splints, aching legs or growing pains
  • Children and adolescents with musculoskeletal pain in the heel, knee or hip

Not sure if physiotherapy can help your child? Please call us today to discuss with one of our paediatric physios at 9629 4608

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